50% of your Admissions come back to YOUR GROUP

Fundraisers are super easy at Skaters EDGE.  We can do Fundraisers at all of our Regular Scheduled Sessions.  You will get 1/2 your Admission Price back for each person in your group that attends this  party.  Call the rink and schedule a Rebate Party.    Parties are scheduled during regular skating sessions.  Create a coupon telling your group where and when and YOU hand out your coupons.   HAND OUT TO YOUR GROUP, fRIENDS, AND FRIENDS OF FRIENDS.  MAKE THIS A SUCCESSFUL PARTY Have everyone come skating on the day agreed upon for the party.  At the end of the session we will give the person in charge  the money collected for each skater that skated in your group.  You can make as much or as little on this fund raiser and there is very little work on your part.   Have more than Just ONE FUNDRAISER PARTY!  Just set up a day, hand out the coupons and collect the money.  

Call and set up your party date now. 

This is not a private party, just a get together time during a regular session.  We try to make raising money FUN and EASY for you.

Make Money the Easy Fun Way
Roller Skating Party at the Skaters EDGE